St. Bartholomew’s is a rural Parish Church serving its
local community in Tong, Shropshire and also reaching out to many visitors from across the globe.

Covid-19 Our Latest Information

What we present here is based on our current understanding of the situation but please note that we have not yet had the position confirmed. If anything changes we will update this notice as soon as possible.

Following the recent introduction of the “Plan B” guidelines and restrictions, our understanding is that ALL visitors to church should wear face coverings unless exempt on medical grounds. Members of the congregation are allowed to sing during services and we ask that you keep your face covering on whilst singing.

We are open for our regular services as published on our church calendar.  For those who do not wish to attend a service, you can usually watch a video of the service, available from St Andrew’s Church, Shifnal web site: http://www.standrewschurchshifnal.org.uk/index.html
or directly from the Church’s YouTube channel:   https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClmI-zjbFRp8A6VcAyp5mXA

A brief introduction

We would like to thank Mr John Moore, of the PICS Photographic Club for putting together this rather lovely slide show of photos showing off some of the charms and treasures of our historic church.

There is no narration to the video but if you have your speakers turned on you will hear some very appropriate background music, which is The Miners Prayer, played by the Grimethorpe Brass Band.

Welcome to St Bartholomew’s Church

We hope very much that you will enjoy your visit to our website! You are also invited to visit us in person at our beautiful home in rural Shropshire.
You are most welcome whether you are a worshipper, pilgrim, tourist, or school party.

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Tong Church has a rich & fascinating heritage…

St. Bartholomew’s Church at Tong is renowned as a ‘treasure house’ and its historical and architectural significance is well documented. The 19th century Shropshire antiquarian Eyton remarked on Tong: “If there be any place in Shropshire calculated to impress the moralist, to instruct the antiquary and interest the historian, that place is Tong.” Today, the church is designated Grade 1 by Historic England, primarily because the present building has remained almost intact for over 600 years, with only one later addition, the chantry chapel called “the Golden Chapel” because of its rich colouring and magnificent fan-vaulting.

Tong Church has everything

But don’t take our word for it. Join us on a tour of our beautiful church….

We are able to offer a conducted tour of our famous, beautiful church. This ancient building was dedicated in 1410, and is held to be one of the finest examples of a church built in perpendicular style in the country.

Our tour lasts for about an hour, during which time you will see the famous Golden Chapel, our unique collection of magnificent medieval tombs and carved effigies. You can explore our historical links with Charles Dickens, William Shakespeare and not forgetting little Nell!

And, not for the faint hearted, try a tour of the tower. You will see one of the largest bells in the country!  Nowadays, due to Health and Safety concerns  regarding the very worn spiral steps and extremely limited space we only let visitors up the tower at their own risk and make them sign a disclaimer, but Bell ringing enthusiasts are often still keen to visit.

Would you like to help us?

The Tong Vision for 2020 and beyond had a target to raise £500,000 over 3 years in order to fund urgent and
essential restoration work, and to ensure that all visitors and congregations can continue to enjoy this unique building! If you can
offer your support either financially, in-kind or otherwise, please contact Revd Pippa Thorneycroft ( pippa.thorneycroft@icloud.com ) or
the Vission2020 “Support Us” page on this web site, or visit our JustGiving page by clicking on the image, below.

A big thank you to all our supporters! Particular thanks go to the following:

St Bartholomew’s Church
TF11 8PW

General enquiries to:

Minister In Charge:
The Revd. Preb. Pippa Thorneycroft
Tel: 01902 375523 pippa.thorneycroft@icloud.com

Events information:
Tel: 07970 869011

Parish Administrator:
(Weddings. Baptisms etc.)
Wendy Aykroyd

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Would You Like To Support Us?

The Tong Vision for 2020 and beyond has a target to raise £500,000 over the next 3 years in order to fund urgent and
essential restoration work, and to ensure that all visitors and congregations can continue to enjoy this unique building!

If you can offer your support either financially, in-kind or otherwise, please contact Revd Pippa Thorneycroft (pippa.thorneycroft@icloud.com) or visit our JustGiving page by clicking the image, below.

At present there are no toilet facilities at Tong Church.  For an organised tour and at weddings, baptisms and funerals as well as Sunday services, access to the Parish Hall (two minutes walk) is available.  For concerts and fêtes we usually provide portaloos.

If you find it difficult to walk up the slope to church to attend services please let us know by sending someone ahead or Tel: 07970 869011 and we will provide assistance. We regret that we are unable to offer this support during the week for visitors.