Church Plan View to the church from the south east The main entrance to Tong church Early medieval stained glass One of the Choir stall ends Royal coat of Arms 1814 Lady Isabel Pembrugge (?-1446) Tong Church and Tong Castle 1855 One of the Choir stall ends View to church from the north west Sir Henry Vernon (1445-1515) Fan vaulted ceiling of the Golden Chapel The nave of Tong Church Ground plan of Tong College Richard Vernon (c.1477-1517) Fragment of Norman tomb Choir Stall seat bracket showing a lily and crucifix Great Bell rules Monument to Ann Wylde 1609-24 View east of the Chancel Ruins of the ‘Hospital’ Brass of Sir Arthur Vernon 1482-1517 View of the Choir stalls Maltese cross in Chrysom’s Cemetery George Durant I (1732-1780) Owner of Tong 1764-1780. The Victorian east window Sir Edward Stanley (c.1563-1632) Civil War damage Fine Jacobean oak pulpit The Great Bell of Tong Sir Fulke Pembrugge IV (1363-1409) Octagonal baptismal font Radulph Elcock, priest died 1510 Victorian stained glass scene of the Resurrection Sculpture of Saint Bartholomew Choir Stall seat bracket showing three faces Clock mechanism by John Baddeley (1727-1804) Stone sedilia (or seat) Sir Richard Vernon (1391-1451) Choir Stall seat bracket showing a castle Silver gilt Tong Cup East View of the church Sir William Vernon (1418-1467) Sir Thomas Stanley (d.1576) Bust of Sir Arthur Vernon 1482-1517 View towards the west door and window

Tong Church Gallery

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Tong Church Picture

View of Tong Church from the South

Detailed Picture

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Church Photograph
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