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 Sir Edward received in 1601-3 from his friend
William Shakespeare two Verse Epitaphs for
his family tomb in Tong, Shropshire. These
are the only ones still to be seen today except
for the one on the Bard's own gravestone.
Sir Edward, through his Stanley cousins, his
Vernon mother and his Percy wife, happened
to be rather closely related to three Earl Alternative
Authorship Candidates, several characters in
Shakespeare's Lancastrian History Plays and
several candidates for the 'Dark Lady' of the
Sonnets. Sir Edward can thus be seen as a
pivotal figure in the Shakespeare-Stanley
constellation. This book concludes with the
first ever biographies of of him and his father
Sir Thomas Stanley, who suffered for planning
to help Mary, Queen of Scots escape from
Chatsworth in 1570.
This book includes 29 Chapters, 12 Appendices,
an 8-page colour block and 99 black and white
illustrations, and a comprehensive Bibliography
and Index.
 Copies available from within the church.
Price £25.